Spring's Best Reads

Mother and three children at a picnic

My boys and I decided to head to the lake by our house and have a little picnic this past week. The weather here in Dallas was downright perfect. I had the bright idea to bring books along to keep all the kids on the blanket and not wandering all over, and it worked! We enjoyed snacks and read stories for a few hours; it was a splendid way to spend a afternoon. One thing I am passionate about is reading, both on my own and to my boys. I grew up in a family of voracious readers, but as a little kid, I really didn't enjoy reading and couldn't understand why they always had their noses stuck in books. I needed glasses, and I had trouble paying attention for longer than a few minutes, but once I found the right books for me, it opened up a world of new adventures and possibilities! I don't read as much as I did before I had kids, or say when I was pregnant with twins and on bedrest for three months, but I still try always to have a new book handy for any downtime life allows me. My favorite series I have been reading for over the past six years is by author Alan Bradley, his mystery novels about a young sleuth named Flavia de Luce are witty, enchanting and very hard to put down; His characters have captured my heart and kept me on the hook for many years. I tend to gravitate towards series, I got hooked on Game of Thrones when I had a boring desk while I was living in Portland, and I am never able to put down any Hercule Poirot mystery ever. One of my favorites is Agatha Christie's Evil Under The Sun.

Bookshave a way of transporting us and at the same time connecting us to something so much more immense and larger than ourselves. I will never forget the day I finished a novel and said to myself that's what I want to do someday, and while I haven't finished writing that novel just yet, a life long love of literature and writing has afforded me the opportunity to become an author. I have a children's book in the works that should be out for the holidays and two co-authored projects coming out over the next year. Books have changed and shaped my life in many ways, and I hope my love for them is embedded into all of my children. My oldest son shares my love of books, and he is learning to read right now, so we take every chance we can to read together.

Our latest book picks are a mix of old classics and new releases. My twins love the colorful Very Hungry Caterpillar board book. This perennial classic still delights my older child as well, and I never get tired of the whimsical art either. The Bear With The Piano is another lovely book we have read over and over again the past few months. It's a sweet story that will warm your heart. Another one that gets me a little misty-eyed is Love Monster; this might be my favorite new children's book, well there's a tie for my new favorite between this and the next book. My husband jokes that it's our story in monster form. It's a wonderful book with adorable art and storyline. The newest book on our shelf is a really touching one, Bee Love written by Kristin Hallett. Our copy arrived in the post last week, and I will be buying more to gift to friends and family. She and I are linked (six degrees of separation style) via a co-authored project we both wrote for that comes out next month! (really can not wait to share more about this project) I have yet to meet her, but I look forward to telling her how lovely this book is in person someday. The artwork is perfect for the story, it is bright and bold, and the story itself is sweet and poignant. The last book we enjoyed at our little literary picnic is more for an older child, but the cover and typography caught my eye at the bookstore a few months back and it made the cut. The Fanstasic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is a very charming story with lovely illustrations. I am a sucker for books, so a book about books seemed like something I would enjoy reading to my kids. We will be spending many more days out by the lake having picnics with books before the oppressive heat of the Texas summer is upon us.

Happy reading friends.



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