“The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.” - Joshua Harris

Sometimes in life, the timing of things is just off. Recently my husband was offered a job back in Montana, something we both desperately wanted, and still want to some degree, but the timing is just off. We started a clothing manufacturing business, and we are hustling to get our brand up and running, and all the while I also became an author in my “spare time.” (I.e. 2, am when everyone else sleeps.)

Life changes in the blink of an eye, and what we think we want one day can be altered by outside influences or even by good restful sleep. When we have the time to slow down and contemplate our wants and desires, sometimes we have to restructure what we are currently working towards or change the plan entirely.

It’s hard to turn our backs on this shared dream of going back to Bozeman and raising our sons there right now, we love it there, it is the place that feels most like home. It is a friendly, vibrant city. It’s a hard pill to swallow that this hot, crowded and not exactly pretty place will be home for a few years. I have spent my entire adolescence and adult life trying to not be here in Dallas, but I can’t fight that it is our destiny to be here for now. We have friends and family we love dearly here, it has always been hard to explain to them why we desire to be so far away. I blame it on my Bedouin and Nordic ancestors, I have something deep inside of my spirit that longs to wander and explore. We have to make the best of the traffic and extreme temperatures, and realize that in life everything happens for a reason. I’m not much for urban or cityscapes, I prefer mountainous and rural hands down, and it doesn’t get any better than having Yellowstone in your backyard. I hope the time and hard work we put in now will be repaid in kind someday, when that day comes we can hang our hats in Montana again. I’m sure we will be wracking up many frequent flyer miles over the next few years going back to visit the Treasure State.