No Regrets, really?

I always love when people say “No Regrets!” Really? You regret nothing? I regret so many things: My overall personal style from 2005 to 2007, that time I let a hairstylist talk me into a bob, dying my hair black, letting someone I knew nothing about and didn't bother to check their portfolio tattoo my entire back of neck to butt, that poutine I ate with an undercooked egg on it a few weeks ago, and about 1,000 other decisions at least. I'd love to know what all these people are doing who have no regrets.

Not one regret? Not for anything? Have you lived a boring life, or have you not gotten out there and experience life fully? All experiences in life are obviously not positive, like the time I broke my wrist or the time a glass bottle shattered and cut my face open, those were distinctly not good times. I've done some exciting stuff, made a few wild and impetuous choices; some to this day I think were good ideas and I'm glad I experienced them. However, there are many others I am embarrassed by and learned valuable lessons from. Moving abroad was a very impetuous choice, but one of the best life decisions I have ever made, it changed the course of my whole life. That's life though isn't it? Those experiences helped shape who I am today, and that I do not regret.