Eight Baby Items That Are Not Worth The Money

  1. Diaper cream butt spatula - just use your finger, wipe off with a baby wipe then wash hands. You don't need anything else to sanitize. You will be busy enough.

  2. Thermometer pacifiers- I have yet to find one that is remotely accurate.

  3. Pee-pee covers- just use a baby wipe and your little lad won't pee on your face.

  4. Bumbo seats- by the time your child can sit in them, guess what? They can sit up on their own. I have two that were used precisely three times for about 3 minutes each time. Boopy has an excellent newborn reclining pillow, a much more comfy position for baby.

  5. Baby food making/processing machine- just use a blender or food processor. Mine has been in a box in the garage for years; I use my Ninja Blender with the same foods I make for the rest of the family, I no longer make food specifically for babies.

  6. Preemie outfits- Many preemie clothes are outrageously priced, last time I ordered some I paid $140 for four outfits. That to me is egregious, to charge people $35 for a doll-sized onesie when more than likely they cost about $3 to manufacture and the parents are probably already stressed out enough as it is having a preemie.

  7. Crib bumpers- fancy decorative baby death traps. Google it.

  8. Burp cloths- white hand towels are the best if you have a baby with reflux. Burp cloths are cute, but they are thin and sometimes just smear the spit up. Go with easy to bleach hand towels from a discount store.

Just remember that every child is different, and what your first born loved your second or third might despise. I have one twin that likes pacifiers, the other cries if you put one near him. Don't plan too far ahead with baby clothes either. I assumed (wrongly) that my twins would be smaller than my first born, they were going to be premature more than likely, so I bought lots of preemie clothes, and they were only used when my boys left the NICU, and just for a few short weeks. I bought so many outfits assuming they would be in six-month clothes at six months and it turns out that they are the biggest preemies I have ever encountered. At nine months old, they are in size four diapers and 12-18 month clothes. My oldest was tiny and wore his twelve month clothes well into the first year, so I prepared for them to follow this same trajectory. Also, be wary of fads with baby gear. I have an "Australian Baby Hammock" I paid a small fortune for, and it is in a box in my garage where it has been for over four years. Used it once or twice and then realized baby products are heavily regulated for a reason.

Babies and children are expensive enough without falling prey to slick advertising and the sheer overwhelming feelings and emotions associated with becoming a mom. Less really can be more, save your money and go on a trip somewhere, it will be far more meaningful than having a $2,000 nursery.