Aspirational Sizing

My family tends to give me clothing as gifts, which typically doesn't end up well. My mother buys me sweater sets and things she likes, my husband buys me lady lumberjack clothes, which sometimes I love, but sometimes he misses the mark. This past month for my birthday, both my mom and my husband gave me clothing. I cringed when I saw the boxes, but tried to half smile and be polite. My mom bought me a great Patagonia half-zip sweater and my husband also a Patagonia gift, a fantastic flannel shirt. I was shocked, they both gave me gifts I really liked.

I just gave birth to twins nine months ago; I was on bed rest for three months of my pregnancy, so I am not back in tip-top shape, I am lumpy, and nothing fits right. My husband went to my closet and looked at the sizes of my other clothing, and so they both got me things in what I call my "aspirational size." I have a closet full of pre-kid clothing, ranging from a pair of seldom worn burgundy leather size 27 pants (I was usually as 29, but after a rough breakup, I got down to that 2011...still holding out hope that science will find a way to get me back in those pants.) There are size mediums all over my closet, but right now I am just not always a medium, I'm not typically a large either, I'm at an awkward wardrobe crossroad. After eight months of breastfeeding and being what felt like a xxxxxl top, I'm now slowly edging closer to my pre-pregnancy size, doing better than after my first son, it took me almost two years to drop the baby weight the first go round. I battled infertility the second time, so being on and off fertility meds, the stress and frankly the depression often left my weight fluctuating.

Things just change after you have been through pregnancy; You may lose all the weight, but not every part goes back exactly where it was before. It can be, deflating, for lack of a better word. So, the moral of this post is simple, while buying clothing for a loved one may seem like a good idea, perhaps when that loved one is freshly post-partum, maybe buy them something more sentimental like a necklace or anything but something that's a reminder of how much weight they still have to lose.