We are Sarah + Drew

A series of serendipitous events brought Drew and I together when neither of us was looking.

After three dates and three months, we embarked on the journey of becoming parents and partners. Eight years, six moves, three sons a daughter and one giant dog later, we still stand.


After a decade in service, we were lost when my husband was injured and left the military. As a housewife and a newly disabled veteran, we were unsure of what direction our life would take. I began blogging and writing as a hobby to process our stress, which eventually led me to a wonderful group of women and the adventure that has been becoming a published author.


Mother of Wildthings is a place where I share not only our accomplishments but the disorganized reality of life with multiple children, multiple jobs and trying to launch a clothing brand.  


We have many things planned and I hope you'll follow along with us.

Latest Projects

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You’ve Got

This Mama:

A mother’s guide to

embracing the chaos

and living an

empowered life.

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