I am Sarah, and this is where I write about my life raising twins and an older child with my disabled veteran husband. A series of serendipitous events brought us together when neither of us was looking. After three dates and three months, we embarked on the journey of becoming parents and partners when we barely knew one another. Six years, five moves and three sons later we still stand. After a decade in service, we were lost when my husband was seriously injured and left the military. Unsure of what direction our life would take, we began hiking and found healing in the great outdoors and have cultivated a passion for conservation and exploration. It is our goal to get out and explore as much as we can while we can. This year we have explored less but embarked on different kinds of journeys, we became parents to twins, I became an author, and we started a clothing company together. We have many things planned for 2018 and hope you'll follow along with us on our journeys.

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